Top 5 Reasons You Need a Solar Roof Vent

Installed Solar Roof Vent

Have you just sweltered through another Australian Summer? Are you looking for a solution that doesn’t add hundreds of dollars to your electricity bill each quarter? Thanks to Solar Ark, Australia’s leading evacuated tube solar hot water manufacturer, we have the answer. Solar Ark have introduced top quality, highly effective solar roof vents to the market. A solar roof vent works in a similar way to a whirly bird in that it extracts the hot air from your roof. However solar roof vents use solar power instead of wind power and can pack the same punch as what 15 whirlybirds can. Read on below to find out the top 5 reasons why every Australian should have a solar roof vent on their roof.

1. Cooler in Summer

In Australia roof temperatures can often exceed a blistering 70oC. If you have ever stood in the kitchen while the oven is on you would know that if one part or area of a room is super-heated, it radiates the heat to other parts of the room thus increasing the overall temperature. Imagine what your 70oC roof space is doing to the living areas of your home. By installing a Solar Ark solar roof vent you can reduce roof temperatures by up to 30oC, which in turn can reduce living areas by up to 6oC. Now 6oC might not sound like much, but the difference between your home being 30oC and 24oC is astronomical.How solar roof ventilation works

2. Free to Operate and Greatly Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

70oC roof temperatures significantly affect the efficiency and performance of roof ducted air conditioning systems. The hot air in your roof heats the cool air that is running through air conditioning roof duct pipes. Reducing the roof temperature by up to 30oC helps counter this loss in efficiency and performance. By reducing the general temperature of your home, the solar roof vent helps reduce the work load of your air conditioner and can even eliminate the need to run it. With soaring electricity prices these reductions in costs can save you big $$$. The best part about it all is that, thanks to the built in solar panel on the solar roof vent, the vent uses the suns power to operate which means there are $0 running costs for the solar roof vent.

3. Reduces Condensation Build Up

The solar roof vent helps fight the mould and condensation build up in your roof that is common in hot and humid areas. It severely reduces the likelihood of mould spores in the roof space that can affect the health and air quality inside your home. Not only does the solar roof vent make your home more comfortable, but it makes it healthier and safer also.

4. Attractive Features

I have mentioned that the Solar Ark solar roof vent can perform as well as 15 whirly birds, but can you imagine how ugly your home would look with 15 whirly birds. Solar Ark have ensured that they have a smart, sophisticated looking product that nobody would think twice about installing their roof. They have also ensured it has whisper quiet operational noise by using a brushless DC motor and polycarbonate fan blades. Once the solar roof vent is installed you will never notice it is there.

5. Automatic Shut Off Below 24oC

Some people might be thinking ‘this would be fantastic in summer, but what about winter?’ Solar Ark have incorporated a thermostat shut off system into all of their solar roof vents. This means that when the temperature drops below 24oC the fan will automatically stop operating, preserving beneficial heat in the roof space during the colder months.

If these reasons haven’t encouraged you to install a solar roof vent, then I don’t know what will. Solar roof vents can be utilized not just on homes, but on schools, sheds, stables, warehouses anywhere that heats up. Feel free to give us a call if you need any further info about solar vents.