Solar So Good: Saving Money Through Solar

Save Money with solar panels

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your electricity bills at home, switching to solar power is a great way to go. You will definitely save more money, and at the same time, save the environment by helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Though many people believe in the energy saving benefits of using solar power, some are still reluctant in making the switch because solar panel installation might be a bit costly for them. The truth is, in recent years the cost of solar panels has significantly reduced because more and more companies manufacture PV panels to meet the demands of consumers.

Of course, the biggest advantage of using solar panels is that they’re powered by the sun which is a free energy source. Even on cloudy days, solar energy systems can still draw power from the sun and your home does not have to be directly facing sunlight throughout the day in order to get its full benefits. Also, solar panel systems generally store power during daytime, so you can still benefit from solar energy even after the sun goes down. It can even be possible with the use of battery systems that you won’t be paying any more utility bills if enough solar panels are installed on your roof, making your home completely powered by solar energy.

Great long-term investment

Installing solar panels at home or for your office and business can save you thousands and can also qualify you for one of the Australian Government’s solar rebates, grants, or subsidies. These so-called solar incentives including tax credits and other incentives are offered to people in order to hopefully encourage them in converting to solar energy in their home or business. These vary from state to state so be sure you find the appropriate information for your location.

solar panels on roof

Pretty and Practical

Having solar panels at home may be very practical but it doesn’t mean that it will lessen your homes’ aesthetic appeal. Solar-powered lights are a great way to beautify the home, and at the same time, save energy indoors and even outdoors. You can use solar-powered garden lights for an attractive, classy yet practical outdoor lighting. Here are some of the benefits of using solar garden lights:

1. Of course, your electricity bill will significantly decrease because solar-powered lights use a photovoltaic cell which automatically charges the light’s batteries throughout the day with the help of sunlight. When night time comes, it will instantly light up your home or garden.

2. It’s a safer choice especially when you have kids so you’ll be able to avoid the use of electrical wires as much as possible and your home will also be safer from fires.

3. Using solar lights is very low maintenance because the lack of wiring reduces problems with its care and repairs.

4. Aside from saving much more energy, a well-lit home or area adds to your safety and lessens risks of robbery and home invasion. The solar security lights in our store are perfect for areas where light is only needed when motion is detected.

5. Solar outdoor or garden lights come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs. They can be used for parking lots, street lights, doorbell and gate lights, garden and patio lights, and pool lights.

So with all these benefits there is no excuse! Get in touch with us here at Top Frog if you need any advice on the best way to add solar to your home. We can provide full energy usage reports to ensure you get the right system and products for your home.