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Waterproof LED Strip Lights IP68


Available in 1m and 5m lengths in cool white, warm white, blue and red. This silicon filled LED strip light is the best quality strip light and can be completely submerged in water. 5m lengths of cool white, blue and red also available in the brighter 5050 chip. Includes 140mm of positive/negative wire and mounting saddles.

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Fantastic 12v waterproof lighting for outdoors, especially around the pool area or on your boat.


60 LED’s/metre – 1m – 4.8w 0.4a
60 LED’s/metre, 5m – 15.6w 1.3a
60 LED’s/metre, 5050 chip 5m – 40.8w 3.4a

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60 LED’s/metre, 1m – 4.8w 0.4a, 60 LED’s/metre, 5m – 15.6w 1.3a, 60 LED’s/metre, 5050 chip 5m – 40.8w 3.4a


Cool White, Warm White, Blue, Red

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