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Solar Ark Solar Roof Vent


5.00 out of 5

As Australia's highest performing solar roof vent the SolarArk solar powered vent offers the performance of 15 traditional whirlybirds! With whisper quiet operation and $0 running costs, they're the perfect solution to eliminate the need for air conditioning. A thermostat, that stops operation when ambient temperatures get below 24 degrees, ensures that you are not sucking the heat out in Winter.

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SAV-20 – 2718m3/hr flow rate, for north facing roof size of up to 148m2
SAV-20T – 2718m3/hr flow rate, for non-north facing roof size of up to 148m2
SAV-30 – 3150m3/hr flow rate, for north facing roof size of up to 223m2

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How Does Solar Roof Ventilation Work?

Are you sick and tired of sweltering through the Aussie Summer in your own home, either too scared to use the air con because of ridiculous running costs or forking out huge $$$ through your power bill to live comfortably. If you’re after something that has a $0 running cost and can greatly reduce or even eliminate the need to run your air conditioner, then a solar roof vent is the product for you.

How solar roof ventilation works

For lack of a better comparison we will say that a solar roof ventilation does a similar job to that of a whirlybird. However solar powered roof ventilation is far more effective and can give you the same benefit as having 15 whirlybirds on your roof! In Summer roof temperatures often exceed 700c, which has a big impact of the temperature in your home as roof heat build-up radiates into your living space. By installing a solar powered vent to extract the roof heat, you can reduce the temperature in your roof by up to 300c.

The basics of how a solar roof fan works are very simple. A solar panel on top of the roof vent provides the power required to run the motor, whenever it is exposed to direct sunlight. The motor then runs the fan which extracts the heat from your roof, drawing cool air in through the air flow vent which is installed under the eaves (refer to above diagram).

The Solar Ark solar roof vents are Australia’s highest performing solar vent and have features and qualities that set them apart. They use a brushless DC motor making it virtually noiseless during operation. The Solar Ark solar roof vent comes standard with a built in thermostat that shuts down operation when ambient temperatures drop below 240c, which prevents the roof vent from drawing valuable heat out during the colder periods.

Solar roof vents need to be installed on a North facing roof to be fully effective as this will give them the most sunlight in Australia. Solar Ark have 2 models for North facing roofs called the SAV-20 and SAV-30, which produce different air flow rates. They also have a SAV-20T which comes with an adjustable tilt frame for the solar panel, which allows it to be installed on non-North facing roofs.


Solar roof ventilation systems are not just great for homes, they are commonly used for sheds, workshops, factories, warehouses, office spaces, schools and animal enclosures. For help choosing which roof vents and how many you require, get in touch with us today! Our extensive knowledge of solar products has helped Top Frog Energy to become one of Australia’s premier suppliers of solar equipment for both domestic and commercial applications. Being based in the sunshine state of Queensland, we’ve had plenty of sunny days to test out all of our range so any questions you may have we will surely be able to answer them, simply give us a call!

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SAV-20, SAV-20T, SAV-30

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2 reviews for Solar Ark Solar Roof Vent

  1. 5 out of 5


    I just installed one of these roof vents on my shed because it gets no airflow and gets bloody hot in there. You wouldn’t believe the difference its made. You can’t even compare this to a regular whirly bird it just cools so much more. I cannot recommend these highly enough for anyone who works in a tin shed over summer. Those things just absorb the sun but this makes it easily tolerable again.

  2. 5 out of 5


    We have installed a solar roof vent on our shed which we have set up as a games room for the kids. Very pleased with how it has performed over summer, the shed is comfortable for the kids to be in even during hot days, and it has to be easier on the stuff we store in there even when the shed is closed up. The shed came with a whirlybird but it did nothing compared to the solar vent!

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