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Solar Ark Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System


Evacuated tube solar hot water systems are by far the most efficient of the solar hot water collectors. Solar Ark are leading the way in evacuated tube systems, as is shown by their systems receiving more STC’s for the same size systems than their competitors. Get rid of those costly electric hot water systems and start harnessing the Sun’s energy.

*STC rebates of up to $1,521 may be available with this product. Contact us for more information.

315l 20 tube – suitable for homes of 2-5 people. For further information refer to brochure
400l 30 tube – suitable for homes of 5+ people. For further information refer to brochure

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An evacuated tube solar hot water system is the perfect way to save money off your electricity bill and receive hot water all year long. This system utilizes the natural energy from the sun, converting it into electrical energy to heat up the water. The water can then be used for bathing, washing, laundry and drinking. With electricity prices going through the roof and great advancements in technology, solar power offers a viable alternative energy source.

How Do Evacuated Tube Systems Work?

diagram of evacuated solar hot water system on houseA solar hot water system consists of 2 main units. The solar collector which is used for heating the water using the sun and the storage tank which stores the hot water and supplies it to your home. Most solar hot water systems these days are what’s called a split system. This means that the solar collector is located on the roof and the storage tank is located on the ground, generally outside a bathroom or laundry. The tank has a pump built into it that circulates the cold water from the bottom of the tank through the solar collector and stores it at the required temperature. There is a thermostat in the tank that will activate the pump when needed, so it is not continually cycling the water for no reason. If the solar collector is unable to heat the water because there is no sun, a back up element will use electricity to heat the water.This ensures you will always have a certain amount of hot water stored in your tank.

 evacuated solar hot water explainedThe Solar Collector

When comparing different solar collectors there are 2 commonly used types. They are the traditional flat panel and the newer evacuated tube. The evacuated tube is by far the more efficient solar collector and at Top Frog we use Australia’s highest performing evacuated tube system, Solar Ark. Solar Ark’s evacuated tube solar hot water system use a triple target tube (copper, aluminiumn, and titanium) which allows their tube to target both ultra-violet and infra-red energy. The tube is cylindrical and under vacuum, allowing maximum absorption of the suns energy to convert to heat for your hot water system. Solar Ark solar collectors all pass through their stringent quality procedures, all components are tested individually to guarantee the highest quality meeting all Australian and international solar collector requirements. The evacuated tubes conform to the hail and high wind loading criteria tests on a world wide level and their frames are certified for all cyclonic regions. As proof of their superior efficiency, the standard 315L 30 tube solar hot water system achieves an additional 4 STC’s (government rebates) than its closest competitor.

Storage Tanks

There are also 2 commonly used types of storage tanks. There is the vitreous enamel and the stainless steel. The stainless steel is the better quality storage tank and generally comes with about double the warranty of the vitreous enamel. However they cost significantly more and depending on the quality of the water in the area, some people find that the extra cost does not represent value. The other variance that can occur between storage tanks is where the back up heating element is located. It can be located in the middle (mid-element) of the tank or at the bottom (bottom-element) of the tank. A mid-element tank is much more efficient as it means when your tank is being electrically heated, it does not heat the entire tank using much more electricity.

Evacuated tube solar hot water systems are the future in solar hot water. They are a more efficient product and because of their shape they are absorbing more sunlight regardless of the angle of the sun, making them much more adept to going on a non-North facing roof. Evacuated tube’s super efficiency is recognised in other industries and is being incorporated in to solar air conditioners and other energy efficient products.

Solar Hot Water System Installations

For hot water system installation in Brisbane, we recommend the team at Hot Water Brisbane. For almost a decade they have been our favoured installers in the South-East Queensland area. Having used their services to install hot water systems for our own personal use and for hundreds of our clients in the Brisbane region we can confidently recommend their services and quality of their products.

With ample knowledge about the various types of hot water systems: which ones are best suited to which environments, the best locations to install them, and which ones will best suit any given budget, there is nobody we trust more when it comes to hot water. If you need advice on anything relating to the maintenance, purchase, or installation of a hot water system get in touch with the team at HWB. They won’t let you down.



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315L 20 tube, 400L 30 tube

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