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Primus Solar Light Kit


5.00 out of 5

Solar light kit consisting of 4 lights, a battery pack with connections and a solar panel. The connections include a mobile phone charging kit (most common phone connectors) and a cigarette accessory plug which you can replace one of the lights for. The battery takes 8-10hrs to fully charge and will give you 16hrs of running time using all 4 lights. If you do not get the opportunity to charge the battery, you can reduce the amount of lights operating to increase the running time.

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The Primus solar light kit is most commonly used for camping as it has all the components necessary for a lighting system and easily compacts into a small portable box for storage. Campers also love the ability to charge phones and run other 12v appliances using the different connections supplied in this kit. For example you could substitute one of the lights for the cigarette plug attachment provided and plug a Companion 2m LED strip lighting kit into it. Keep in mind that running other lights and appliances may drain the battery at a faster rate than the lights provided in the kit.

Because this light kit has it’s own battery, it has many uses around the home also and is commonly used to light up stables or gazebos rather than running expensive mains power.


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Additional Information
Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions33 x 29 x 22 cm

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1 review for Primus Solar Light Kit

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    There is a lot of camping gadgets out there nowadays and the biggest question on a lot of camping folk’s minds is how am I going to power all these? Well the Primus solar light kit is the gadget that can do just that. The Primus solar kit is great for hikers, campers, mine sites, long kayaking trips, you name it.

    The solar kit is lightweight, and runs off of a battery pack and basically works as a power source. For example, you can connect your phone up to it either via the phone connectors or through the cigarette lighter adapters and with a full charge in the battery you can easily charge your phone, run the lights, and other electronic components. A handy tip we have discovered for the Primus solar kit is to use it to recharge your AA batteries too so on a cloudy day when you might not be able to charge the solar kit, you won’t be left without charge. We love the Primus solar kit because of its flexibility and huge range of uses as a solar hub for your camping trip!

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