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Companion 2m LED Strip Light Kit


5.00 out of 5

12v 2m LED strip light with cigarette plug connector and built in dimmer switch. Using the brightest 5050 LED chips, this ultra bright strip light easily plugs into a 12v cigarette plug socket and includes 5m of cable. The dimmer switch allows you to turn it on and off and allows a wide range of light intensities. It is completely weatherproof and comes with velcro straps to attach it.

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The Companion LED strip light kit is mainly used for camping because of the ease in which it can be set up and taken down using the Velcro straps provided. It is often used for the annex or over the cooking area of the campsite, as the dimmer switch allows you to blast it at full brightness for cooking and cleaning and dim it down to a lower brightness when you just want to relax. Even at full brightness the strip light will draw a minimal 2.2A when plugged in to a 12V battery using the cigarette plug connector. If you have a 12V battery but require a cigarette plug socket, check out our top quality Narva options available in Camping Lighting and Accessories.


Input Voltage:12V DC
Lumen Output:Adjustable to max. 520
LED Type:5050 SMD
LED Quantity:120
LED Strip Length:2m
Cable Length:5m
Velcro Strap Length:150mm
Fuse Rating:3A
Max Power Draw @100% Output:2.2A @ 12V DC


Most campers would agree that it is nice to be able to enjoy a few luxuries that make your camping trip more comfortable, rather than feeling like you have been dumped in the jungle to fend for yourselves. For this reason more and more campers are taking a 12v battery with them when they go camping, to provide a power source that is able to run lighting, chargers, pumps etc… What campers need to keep in mind is that a battery only has a certain amount of power to give before it needs to be recharged or goes flat. This means that it is very important to keep an eye on how much power the items which you run off your battery draw and how long or often you are running them. With battery power so precious it has created a demand for effective energy efficient products that will drain minimal power from your battery. LED’s fit that mould perfectly and give campers the opportunity to make nice bright light around the campsite, one of those luxuries spoken about earlier.

Super Efficiency

The Companion 12V LED strip lighting kit takes the benefits of LED lighting and turns it into an easy-to-use 12V lighting kit. The kit consists of a 2m IP66 (weatherproof) LED strip light with 5m of cable to a cigarette plug attachment for easy installation into any standard 12V cigarette plug socket. There is also an inline dimmer switch which can be used to turn the light on and off or alter the brightness of the strip. The LED’s used are the SMD5050 chip, which are the brightest of the LED chips, providing around double the lumens of the standard 3528 chips.

Adjustable Brightness

This is what sets the Companion strip lighting kit apart from the other standard strip lighting kits and is the reason that there is a built in dimmer switch. When you are cooking or cleaning you can have the light turned up to full brightness and when that level of brightness is no longer needed and the campsite goes into relax mode, the light can be turned down to a suitable level of brightness. Even cranked up at its highest level the LED strip light will only draw 2.2A. A standard 12v camping battery is around 110A to give you an idea of just how little power the LED strip light draws. The 5m of cable between the light and the plug make it very easy for you to position the strip light in an ideal location and not be so restricted by the location of the battery.

The Companion 2m LED strip lighting kit is a super item for any camper. Don’t think that just because you only go camping once in a blue moon that this LED strip light is not for you. There is an abundance of uses for this kit and it is a very handy light to keep in the car as it can be run off your car battery if ever needed.

Additional Information
Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions32 x 24 x 5 cm

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1 review for Companion 2m LED Strip Light Kit

  1. 5 out of 5


    Great light, very bright. Bought it for our tent annex but have also used it for extra light in our outdoor area when having BBQs. Also found the dimmer function very useful. Companion always make quality products and I have stuck with them and now use them for all of our LED camp lighting and other 12V camping products. The velcro straps that come with the 2M LED pack are pretty handy.

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