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Solar Pump 800


5.00 out of 5

A solar pump with battery back up which allows you to run it whichever time of day you choose. It has an adjustable flow rate of up to 760l/hr and a max head height of 2.3m.

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This is an ideal pump for small ponds and water features and is a must have if you wish to run the pump at night. The 800 solar pond pump kit contains a solar pump, panel and fountain set including volume control with a battery backup, and an LED fountain light kit to really make your pond shine! A telescopic fountain riser with a secondary T-piece outlet is also included.

The solar pump kit is extremely simple to assemble and the calyx and bell style fountain attachments can be easily removed and cleaned with minimum effort. The solar pump kit harnesses the sun’s power during the day allowing the battery backup to run for up to 9 hours* in darkness. So even on dark days, your pump will still be flowing.

These pumps use a cage filter as a pre-filter to protect the impeller. This differs from some solar pumps that use sponge filters that can clog up with particles. Also on the front of the pump body you’ll see there is a flow regulator which is a way of adjusting the fountain height. To get into the pump and clean it there’s a couple of clips on either side which can be undone. Then simply remove the pump and give the cage a wipe out. To get inside the impeller and give it a clean, what you need to do is push up the base of the pump which can be removed providing access to the impeller by twisting the pump. Inside the impeller construction there are some rubber grommets, be careful not to lose these as they hold the impeller in place and make the pump operate smoothly. If it is not in place, no matter how much charge you get on your solar pump it won’t function correctly.

Handy Tip! Don’t disassemble your pond pump over the pond, take it away from the pond so you don’t drop any parts in the water.

*Charging time of the battery is 6 hours in full sunlight


Power SupplySolar
Maximum Flow Rate760-1560Lph
Maximum Height2.3-3.2m
Output Power10-20W
Battery Capacity12V:7Ah


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1 review for Solar Pump 800

  1. 5 out of 5


    With solar, if you’ve got an application where you need a small fountain pump and you don’t have access to mains power anywhere handy, it is certainly a viable option. You are able to use this solar pump to run a biological filtration system because it comes with a battery backup. However we do recommend a fall-back to mains power in case of long periods of cloudy days.

    For your garden pond where you want a fountain and you like the idea of solar then this is a very good product. It comes with a compact solar panel, and you also get a stake which gets staked into the ground and attaches to the back of the solar panel enabling you to adjust the panel at the ball joint to different angles to capture the most amount of sun.

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