complete grid connect solar system

Grid Vs Off Grid Solar Systems

There are two different styles of solar systems around, the off grid solar system and the grid connect solar system. An off grid solar system requires batteries to store the power which the solar panels create and your house draws the power from the batteries. Because bad weather often occurs and can last for extended […]

an example of why solar lights in use

Why Use Solar Lights?

Solar lighting is becoming ever more popular and it is not hard to see why. With the demand for solar lights sky rocketing over the past decade, there has been a great increase in the variety of options now available for solar lighting. Whether you are looking for a solar garden light, flood or security […]

solar items every campsite should have

5 Items Every Smart Camper Should Have

Camping is a great opportunity to get amongst nature, breath the fresh ocean air and take a timeout from the hussle of the daily grind. The one true experience to become one with the earth and live like our ancestors did many moons ago. Nowadays, we don’t always want to fall back to the stone […]

the right solar angles for your solar lights

A Beginners Guide to Solar Lighting

A solar light consists of three main components, a light, a solar panel and a rechargeable battery. The battery is the light’s power source and its storage capacity determines how long the light will operate for each night. The solar panel’s job is to recharge the battery during the day using the sun. If the […]

Garden using solar spot lights
LED Technology

Are Solar Lights Any Good?

Solar lights have really come on in leaps and bounds over recent years. There are a lot of different solar lights on the market, with varying prices and quality, which can make it difficult to compare apples with apples. There are a number of different factors that can increase or decrease the quality of a […]

LED fluro tube
LED Technology

Benefits of LED Lighting Vs Fluorescent

What’s the difference between LED and fluro lights? LED Lighting: LED lights are well known for their very long life, maintaining higher levels of brightness for longer, and using much less energy than traditional light sources, particularly in relation to incandescent or halogen lights.  With the number of lights in an average household, this reduced operating […]

LED Light fitting

Solar Lighting Comparisons

There are two key factors when comparing different solar lights. They are the quality and brightness of the LED’s being used and the quality of the battery being used. While 2 lights can have the same number of LED’s in them, the actual light output can be totally different depending on the quality of the […]

Solar Roof Vents range from Solar Ark

New SolarArk Solar Roof Ventilator

SolarArk Solar Roof Ventilator The temperature in your roof space in summer can often exceed 70°. Reducing this heat build up makes your home cooler, making you and your family more comfortable during the hot Queensland summer. The SolarArk Roof vent is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce heat build-up in your roof […]