New SolarArk Solar Roof Ventilator

Solar Roof Vents range from Solar Ark

SolarArk Solar Roof Ventilator

The temperature in your roof space in summer can often exceed 70°. Reducing this heat build up makes your home cooler, making you and your family more comfortable during the hot Queensland summer.

The SolarArk Roof vent is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce heat build-up in your roof space. With an extraction rate of over a massive 2,700 m3 per hour on the standard model, correct installation can reduce temperatures in your roof up to 30°, thereby reducing room temperatures by up to 6° and making you, your family and your power bill more comfortable!

Other key features of the Solar Ark vent include:

Totally solar powered = No running costs ever!
Whisper quiet operation
Automatic shut-off below 24°, preserving beneficial roof space heat in the cooler winter months
Reduced condensation build-up through better air flow, reducing the likelihood of mould spores in the roof space
10 year warranty on ventilator, 3yr warranty on motor