Benefits of LED Lighting Vs Fluorescent

LED fluro tube

What’s the difference between LED and fluro lights?

LED fluroLED Lighting: LED lights are well known for their very long life, maintaining higher levels of brightness for longer, and using much less energy than traditional light sources, particularly in relation to incandescent or halogen lights.  With the number of lights in an average household, this reduced operating cost of each bulb can result in a reduced household power bill, and in turn reduce the amount of power that is required to be generated.  This results in lower greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore is an overall benefit to the environment.

Whilst you don’t get the same extreme power savings as when you convert halogen and incandescent lights over to LED, converting your fluro lights to LED will generally cut your power consumption in half and there are other fantastic benefits also.

cfl fluro lightFluorescent Lights: fluorescent tubes can not only be hazardous to the environment but also your health, which is made evident by the strict policies in place for disposing of fluro bulbs, including removing affected floor coverings and even down to vacating rooms where a bulb has been broken. By going to LED lighting you will eliminate any of the flicker effects caused by fluro lighting. To most people these effects are unnoticeable, but they can be very problematic to anybody suffering from light sensitivity, autism, epilepsy etc… Fluro lights often emit UV radiation and in close proximity to bare skin can result in exposure levels much the same as direct sunlight. Fluro lights also contain the toxic substance mercury. Mercury is particularly harmful to children and unborn babies, so obviously pregnant women and children should avoid broken fluro bulbs, however anybody who cuts themselves on a broken fluro bulb can be at serious risk. Converting your lighting to LED will eliminate any of these health risks associated with fluro lighting.

cfl fluro replacementLED Bulbs: LED bulbs have a far greater life expectancy than fluro bulbs and will maintain their highest level of brightness for a lot longer. A fluro light’s life expectancy can be greatly affected by the amount of times it is switched on and off, particularly if done in quick cycles regularly, and once switched on can take quite a while to become fully bright. Led bulbs do not care how many times you switch them on and off and will turn on and off instantly.

Converting your lighting to LED from fluro is a more expensive up front cost, but with the power savings, longer lifespan and elimination of potential health risks, it is a wise decision in the long run.

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