How much money will I save by switching my lighting over to LED?

Save money with LEDs

It is very hard to say exactly how much money you will save by switching the lighting in your home or business over to LED. There are a number of factors that will affect the amount you will save such as – the existing lights you are replacing, the amount of time your lights run for, the price per kwh you are paying for your electricity etc… I will go through a few example situations to give you an idea of the amount of money that can be saved by converting your lighting to LED.

A very common light bulb used in home lighting is the 50w halogen downlight. The replacement LED bulb from Top Frog for that bulb is the 5w LED downlight. This means that you will save 90% or 45w per light for every hour of run time. If you were to convert 10 x 50w halogen bulbs to 10 x 5w LED bulbs and the lights were running for an average of 6hrs/day, at $0.30c per kwh your savings would be (10 x 45w or 0.045kwh x 6hrs x 365days x $0.30c) $295 per year. A pack of 10 Top Frog 5w LED downlights cost $220. In this situation the LED lights will pay for themselves within a year. The LED bulbs come with a 2 year warranty and will last a lot longer than halogen bulbs and will also greatly reduce the amount of heat produced by your lights.

Another common light bulb used around the home is the 60w incandescent bulb. The LED replacement from Top Frog for that light is the 5w LED bulb. This gives you a saving of 55w per light that you convert to LED. If you were to replace 8 x 60w incandescent bulbs with 8 x 5w LED bulbs that ran for 3hrs each day, at $0.30c per kwh your savings would be (8 x 0.055kwh x 3hrs x 365days x $0.30) $144 per year. If you bought 8 x 5w LED bulbs from Top Frog the cost would be $138. Again the LED lights would pay for themselves within a year and last a lot longer than the incandescent bulbs.

Many businesses have a high number of fluro tubes installed throughout their premises, which are running for high numbers of hours each day. Top Frog have an 18w LED replacement for the 36w fluro tubes which are most commonly used. If a business was to replace 10 fluro tubes, that are running for 12hrs a day, with 18w LED tubes they would save (10 x 0.18kwh x 12hrs x 365days x $0.30) $236 per year. 10 x LED tubes from Top Frog would cost $350, giving you a payback period of under 18 months. LED tubes will also last a lot longer and will eliminate any of the potential health risks associated with fluro lights. Because all of the light from an LED tube is focused in the direction of where it’s needed, a lot of customers have been replacing double fluro lights with just one LED tube for the same performance. You can learn more about the benefits of LED lighting vs Fluorescent in last week’s post.