Can I pick my stock up?

Yes. If you wish to save on delivery costs, you are welcome to collect the items from our warehouse in North Brisbane. Simply fill out the form on the contact us page requesting details on collecting the items yourself.

Can I replace the battery in my solar light when it dies?

Yes. The LED’s and solar panel will last longer than the battery, so it does not make sense to have to replace the whole unit when the battery finally dies. Replacement batteries should be able to be found in most battery stores.

Are all LED’s the same?

No. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to compare apples with apples regarding LED’s and this is why you will see such differing prices for what seems like the same thing. Even comparing the wattage will not give you a good idea, for example we recommend our 5w LED downlight to replace a 50w halogen downlight, whereas other companies recommend their 10w LED downlight to do the same job. Looking at the warranty and the actual light output of the LED bulb will help you get a better idea of the quality, but most importantly you must trust the company you are purchasing the bulb from.

I just took my solar light camping, will it maintain its charge until my next camping trip?

To properly look after and maintain your battery, it is recommended that the battery be charged and discharged monthly or in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If you just store the solar light away for 12 months, you might find you have a flat battery next time you take it out.

Are the LED bulbs listed the only bulbs that Top Frog can supply?

No. The lights listed are the only ones that we keep in stock regularly. To find a replacement for a particular bulb which we have not listed, simply fill in the contact us section with as much detail as possible and we will do our best to provide you with a suitable LED option.