Best Solar Lights of 2015

Solar lights to buy in 2015

Solar LED lights are becoming ever more popular and there is quickly becoming a large range of solar lights to choose from. This can make it very hard for the average person to ensure that the solar light they are purchasing is good quality and the best light for them.

It is important to ensure that you are receiving as much information from the seller as possible about the light, especially when it comes to the battery. The battery in a solar light is the cause for 99% of failures. Solar lights can contain top of the line Lithium Ion batteries down to Nickel Cadmium batteries which perform poorly and are toxic to the environment. There seem to be a lot of sellers unwilling to provide battery details of their solar lights and we would be particularly wary in purchasing from such retailers.

Pro Tip- Get battery information before you stick your garden solar lights in place!

Of course there are other details of the solar light such as light output and other light features which come into play when choosing the right solar light for you.  Here is our review of some of the solar lights on offer for 2015.

  1. Lytworx Solar Spotlight – $9.90not the best solar light

Unfortunately because of its price, this will be a popular solar light for the uneducated shopper in 2015. The price is about the only thing going for this solar light as it uses the low quality Nickel Cadmium batteries and has very little light output. I also generally don’t like solar lights with the solar panel built in to the light as it can be restricting as to where you can place the light. If the area where you would like to have the light is shaded during the day then you will have to move it every morning for it to get charge. This solar light is good if you want some path lighting for a one off event, not if you want something that will last.          

  1. Top Frog Solar Spotlight – $39outdoor solar garden spotlight

This is the best quality solar spotlight around. It contains a Lithium Ion battery that will last 15 hours once fully charged. This solar light is perfect for highlighting small trees or bushes in the garden or being used as a path light. With 5m of cable between the battery and the solar panel it is easy to find the perfect position for your LED light. It has a surprisingly high light output for its size and is a great solar light to take camping also. Backed by a 1 year warranty I would expect you to get 5 years life out of this product.

  1. HPM Solar Security Sensor Light -$90A poor quality solar sensor light

This is one of the better solar lights sold by major retailers. It is a solar light with a motion sensor built in that only activates the LED light when movement is detected. The motion sensor has a range of 6m, making it great for near door entrances. This solar light needs to be kept sheltered as it has an IP44 rating. I cannot ascertain any information regarding the battery which is quite worrying as $90 is not a little risk.


  1. Top Frog Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light – $75

solar motion sensor lightAnother solar light that uses a motion sensor to activate the LED light. The motion sensor used in this light has an extended range of 10m. It also has digital dispay settings to alter how early in the day the light will start working and also how long the light will remain on for once activated. The battery is Lithium Ion and is capable of running the LED light for 4 hours of use, which is more than enough as the light does not run continuously. This light is weather resistant and backed by a 1 year warranty.

  1. Top Frog Large Solar Flood Light – $199

Outdoor Solar Flood LightLast but certainly not least is this beast of a solar light. The LED light is capable of illuminating an entire backyard and its ultra attractive appearance will not deter anybody from attaching it to their home. Despite running 120 super bright LEDs, The Lithium Ion battery can run the light for 10-12hrs once fully charged. There is an on/off switch on the light, but if left on the light uses a day/night sensor which activates the light at Sunset and switches the light off at sunrise. Easily the best solar light I have seen on the market.