5 Items Every Smart Camper Should Have

solar items every campsite should have

Camping is a great opportunity to get amongst nature, breath the fresh ocean air and take a timeout from the hussle of the daily grind. The one true experience to become one with the earth and live like our ancestors did many moons ago. Nowadays, we don’t always want to fall back to the stone age every time we go camping. With the advancements in solar technology, the term ‘roughing it’ becomes a little less intimidating for the average pencil-pushing, creature comfort loving camper we all pretend that we’re not. If that sounds like you (don’t worry we won’t tell anyone!), or you simply want to take advantage of our greatest power source then these items are for you!

  1. Primus Solar Light Kit – This is a very popular solar camping light. The kit consists of three main parts, 4 x LED lights each containing 12 x LEDs, a battery pack and a solar panel. The solar panel charges the battery pack during the day using the sun and the battery pack provides the power to run the lights. A fully charged battery will run all four lights for 16hrs and the solar panel will charge the battery in about 8hrs of direct sunlight. Each light has its own switch and 7m of cable between the light and the battery pack. This solar camping light kit is predominantly used as lighting for the entertaining area of your campsite and the 7m of cable for each light allow you to space the lights out and position them where needed. When I go camping I position two lights above the table and that is more than enough for me to play cards with. Another great advantage of this solar light kit is that the battery pack is not restricted to only operating the four lights provided. It comes with connections for most common mobile phones which you can plug into the battery to charge your phone. There is also a cigarette accessory plug which you can substitute one of the lights for and run other things off the battery through.
  1. Companion 2m LED Strip Light Kit – This 12v camping light is a must for anybody that takes their own power source (battery) camping. The light itself is 2m long and consists of 120 x ultra bright 5050 (the brightest LED chips) LEDs. It then has 5m of cable with a cigarette plug on the end and Velcro straps for easy set up around the campsite. Because the 5050 LED chips are so bright, this strip light kit has a dimmer switch built in so you can dim it down to a lower level of brightness when the campsite goes into relax mode. For this reason the most common use for this light is over the cooking area as you can have it blasting at full brightness for cooking and cleaning and dim it down when that level is not needed. The beauty of LED camping lights is that they draw very minimal power and even cranked up to full brightness, this strip light will only draw 2.2A. The strip light kit is of the highest quality and has an IP66 rating, so having it out in the weather is not an issue.
  1. Solar Spotlight – A simple but very effective solar camping light. It consists of a solar panel with a lithium ion rechargeable battery built in to it and a spotlight with 12 x super bright LEDs. The light operates using a daylight sensor, so once the sun sets it switches on and when the sun rises it switches off and from a fully charged battery the light can run for 15hrs. Both the LED camping light and the solar panel come with stake attachments for easy installation. This means the light can be used to light up any dark area around the campsite where it might be difficult to get powered lighting to. Common areas like this are tent entrances, toilets, showers etc…
  1. Collapsible Silicone Bucket and Tub – These fully collapsible and incredibly durable silicone products are a truly handy addition to any camping trip. Things like buckets and tubs are a real pain when trying to squeeze as much as possible into your vehicle for your camping trip, so the ability of being able to compact them down flat is a real advantage. Both camping accessories have a 10L capacity and contain an integrated carry handle. Being made of silicone they are of the highest quality and can withstand temperatures of -40 degrees to +220 degrees.


  1. Companion LED Utility Light – An LED camping light that can easily be mounted somewhere or used as a torch. There are four different methods of mounting available – clip, hook, screw points and magnets. The swivel ability and magnets that this light possess make it an ideal light for attaching to the lid of camping stoves and directing the light at the cooking surface. It is also a handy light to keep in your tent. Push button operation allows you to have the light at 50% or 100% brightness. Three AAA batteries is all that’s required to operate this camping light and they will give 90hrs run time at 50% and 45hrs at 100%.