The 5 Coolest Solar Buildings on Earth [Infographic]

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Top 5 Solar buildings on the planet

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With all this talk of how to save mother earth, some of the world’s brightest organisations have already made the move to initiate change. One way they’re doing this is by creating infrastructure that uses the power of the sun. Solar energy is one of the best renewable energies that we can use to possibly reverse the ill-effects suffered by our planet. We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of some of the coolest solar powered buildings in the world.

Having access to clean, renewable energy doesn’t need to be reserved for mega-structures, solar panels have become increasingly affordable for all Australians over the last few years. Using the sun to power your home helps to not only reduce your electricity bills but also minimises your carbon footprint. Australian homes have been implementing solar PV panels, evacuated tube hot water systems, and solar regulating technology such as solar roof vents with great enthusiasm. And, if the new Queensland Government are true to their word, there will be more solar incentives available to businesses and homeowners in the coming years including an overhaul of the current solar tariff systems to favour solar producers instead of the energy companies. Take that Newman!